Ted Onyszczak

Ted Onyszczak has over 17 years’ experience as a Post Production Re-Recording Mix engineer. He has mixed all forms of productions from feature films and documentaries to series television productions. He is  also an accomplished dialog editor, sound FX editor, ADR and Foley recordist. Some of Ted’s credits include; Game Changers for US Discovery Network, and Restaurant Takeover for the Food Network as well as infomercials such as Jack LaLann’s Juicer. Ted’s career has seen him work with producers Paul Jay (Lost In Las Vegas) and Simcha Jacobovici (The Struma) and Associate Producers (Penn & Teller’s Magic And Mystery Tour).

He is also an accomplished music recording and mixing engineer and producer who has worked with artists such as Rush, Amy Sky, Juno nominees Digging Roots, and Hip Hop artists such as M.O.P., Chip Fu, More Or Les.