Kevin Pooler

Kevin’s musical life began at the age of five with piano and flute lessons. In his early teenage years, Kevin augmented his deep musical curiosity by creating and sampling electronic instruments, playing with MIDI systems and computers alongside synthesizers and analog recording equipment. He mixed his first digital albums and analog mix tapes during his time at Natomas performing arts school in California. Naturally, Kevin went onward to obtain two music degrees; the first in Recording Arts from Sacramento City College and the second in Electronic Music from San Francisco State University.

During his time in San Francisco, Kevin’s compositions were being performed in the avant-garde arts community under the tutelage and guidance of Josh Levine and Ronald Caltabiano, two highly regarded composers.

When Kevin moved to Canada in 2007, he founded Red Couch Recordings, a company which has since composed music that has aired on ABC, TLC, A&E, NBC, CBS, and various radio stations. He has worked on music with companies around the globe including Samsung, FujiFilm, Vapor Music, Stash Media, and Webkinz, to name a few. Kevin has also worked alongside great engineers including George Graves (Peter Gabriel, U2, Rush, Ani DiFranco) in a variety of studios in the Toronto area.
Today, Kevin is known for both his sonic artistry and grasp of musical technology. When he is not working diligently in his studio or composing, Kevin continues to explore and learn with a keen
interest in mastering his craft.

Desktop Music Production I
MIDI Workshop I
MIDI Lab & Synthesis II